GPS program for Palm Powered Devices

cotoGPS is a powerful GPS program with great features and support for multiple devices.

Features include:

  • Shows position (latitude, longitude), altitude, speed, course
  • Shows satellite positions graphically, including position of sun and moon
  • Take or input markers for simple navigation, add notes of virtually unlimited length
  • Capture, calculate and draw distances, tracks and areas
  • Sync Palm's internal clock with the very accurate GPS time
  • Supports PalmOS 3.0 and up
  • Supports PalmOS 5, including high resolution mode
  • Supports Sony's Clie's (high resolution, screen resizes)
  • Supports HandEra 330 (high resolution, screen resizes)
  • Supports all NMEA capable GPS devices, including (but not limited to) Snap-on's, GPS mice, Bluetooth GPS devices and Handspring boards
  • Documentation is included in the application, every page and every dialog provides instant help



cotoGPS 1.5.2